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The UMcapo-s is specially designed for use on guitars with steel strings with a bended radius. The shape of the UMcapo-s is designed in a way it will not interfere with your hand and fingers. You have optimal space for your fingers while you are playing your music and the design is robust so you can keep playing for years to come!  With the patented clamping system you can freely regulate the pressure on your strings. This reduces the need to retune your guitar during and after capo use and helps deliver exceptional intonation.


UMcapo-s (steel string)

Special design for electric and western guitars


The benefits:

Easy to Use. The UMcapo-s is so easy to use - simply clamp on and click off. It can be moved with one hand from fret to fret, from high to low.

Does not detune your guitar. The UMcapo-s will keep your strings in tune. You press the capo on the right place to set the minimum tension needed to fret cleanly. Just like playing with your own fingers.

Freely regulate the pressure. The capo react on the pressure you will give him. You can give just enough pressure to get the right tone.

Optimal space for your fingers. By turning the clamping mechanism 90 degrees we have succeeded created space around the capo. It’s just like playing without a UMcapo-s, by using minimal design and an unique clamping mechanism (patent pending)


By using the UMcapo-s you loose less time with adjusting your guitar so you have more time for your music. It even looks better!

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